september birthstone - sapphire meaning, powers, colours, and history

September babies have the brilliant and blue sapphire blessing them with its charm. Sapphires have a rich history associated with them and they are useful not only as jewelry but also as industrial materials because of their hardness. Sapphires are therefore the best thing you can buy for yourself if you are a September-born!

September Birthstone – Sapphire Meaning and Powers

The word sapphire comes from the Arabic word Safir, which translates to “The beloved of Saturn”. There are some texts that state that the name sapphire has more ties to the blueness of the gem than Saturn.

Wearing a sapphire will help you focus your mind and concentrate on tasks at hand. So if you struggle with procrastination, you better be buying sapphire jewelry for yourself.

Sapphires also increase the moral values of the one who wears it and helps them discipline themselves when the need arises.

This mystic stone is also said to protect the wearer from spite and envy of others by calling forth higher powers for their blessing.

For a long time now, sapphires are being used to symbolize loyalty and sincerity. It is said that sapphires darken their color when the wearer has been disloyal.

It is also used to signify the nobility and integrity of royal people, which is why it is commonly worn by royals and nobles all over the world.

Nowadays, sapphires are also a token of presenting royal love and are the stones of choice in engagement rings often. This tradition came forth when Prince Charles presented Princess Diana with a large sapphire ring on their wedding.

Sapphires are said to keep your mind clean by keeping out impure and unchaste thoughts.

As for our body, sapphires stimulate the throat chakra.

They are also said to aid in digestion, and they also help with fever, rheumatism, and nosebleeds.

September Birthstone –  Sapphire History

This brilliant stone has been significant in our world since 800 BC.

In ancient Persia, it was commonly believed that the sky was painted blue after the reflection of a sapphire’s beautiful blue hue. In their culture, the sapphire was used to represent the heavens above us.

Greeks used to wear sapphires on their bodies when they went seeking advice and help from oracles because they thought it brought about good fortune.

They have also known to guard the wearers against malice, black magic, and witchcraft in ancient times.

Sir Richard Francis Burton used to adorn his neck with a large star-shaped sapphire which garnered him all the attention he used to crave.

In the world today, the sapphire became more popular when Prince Charles presented it to Princess Diana his Bride. The tradition carried forward and Prince William presented the same ring to his wife Kate Middleton.

sapphire wedding ring princess diana prince charles

Prince Charles presented Princess Diana with a sapphire ring on their wedding (Image credits)

In Persia and Russia, sapphire was also utilized for medicinal purposes. Ground sapphire was often added to medicines and antidotes for poison. It was commonly believed that sapphire was excellent for strengthening the heart and increasing one’s stamina.

Sapphires also have some religious significance. It is said that the stone tablets where the Ten Commandments were written down were held up by large sapphires. It is often said that that stone must have been lapis because sapphires rarely grow to be so large.

Keep in mind that many historical references to sapphire were actually about lapis, which is another brilliant blue gem. We may never be able to fully distinguish the references, though.

In earlier days, sapphires extracted from Australia were the most commonly found ones all over the world. Now, Srilanka and Madagascar both are the biggest producers of this gem anywhere in the world.

September Birthstone  – Sapphire Characteristics

Sapphire is found in the mineral corundum. It exists in all the colors of the rainbow, even though the most well-known color for sapphire is blue. However, red corundum is always ruby.

The more transparent and deeper the blue of a blue sapphire is, the more valuable it is deemed by jewelers.

Even so, the sapphire that is pinkish-orange in color and mimics the sunset is said to be the rarest and the most expensive variety of sapphire available.

sapphire characteristics, meaning, powers and uses

Sapphire jewelry (image credits)

Some sapphires also show a color-changing attribute like Alexandrite and may change their colors from blue to a reddish-violet.

To deepen the color of a sapphire and make it more valuable, it is often heat-treated in laboratories.

A sapphire is a very hard jewel as it scores a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This makes it equal to hardness with ruby and just next to diamonds. For this reason, sapphires are also commonly used for industrial purposes.

When it comes to the value of a sapphire, jewelers use the 4Cs which represent cut, clarity, color, and carat. However, the origins of the sapphire, i.e., the land it was mined in, might be useful in determining its value just as much as the 4Cs.

Caring for Sapphires

The best and easiest way to clean a sapphire gem is with mild soap and warm water. Use a soft-bristled brush or a washcloth to remove dirt and grime from the surface. Soaking the jewel does not damage is either.

Because this gem is so hard, it is resistant to most kinds of chemical wear. For this reason, it is also safe to send it for ultrasonic or steam cleaning as well, without fearing any damage.

If the stone is fracture filled, however, ultrasonic or steam cleaning will damage it.

In spite of its hardness, the stone may chip if treated roughly.