november birthstones, topaz, citrineNovember is another one of those blessed months with two birthstones to its name. The interesting this about these two birthstones, topaz, and citrine, is that they share many of the same characteristics and are associated with similar mystical qualities as well.

In fact, historians believed that people in early daysprobably did not even know the difference between the two stones. So go buy either of these stones for your beloved November baby (or yourself) ASAP!

November Birthstone – Topaz

november birthstone, topaz

Different colors of topaz gemstone (Image credits)

Topaz Meaning and Powers

Topaz is a stone that is commonly known for balancing your emotions and keeping you in peace at all times. So it is the perfect gift for someone who has a hard time holding their feelings in.

Short-tempered people also benefit from this stone as it makes them calm and level-headed.
The stone is also known for bringing solutions to problems that you have been long struggling with. It is known for helping you solve the most difficult of puzzles with ease.

It is commonly used to represent the honor of the wearer. Along with that, it is also known for representing the strength of the one who wears it.

Since a long time now, this stone has been known for curing madness and restoring the wearer to a stable mental state. Consequently, it also induces intelligence in the wearer and makes them wiser.

Gifting blue topaz to your significant other is taken as a sign of utmost loyalty and unconditional love.

Topaz is commonly known for helping you achieve your goals.

Health-wise, this stone is known for helping people with asthma. It is also said to restore perfect vision in the wearer.

History of Topaz

In the earlier days, topaz was a term that was used for every yellow and amber stone that existed. This is why many qualities that were associated with topaz were actually the merits of other stones.

In the middle ages, it was common for the people to grind the topaz into a fine powder, dissolve it in alcohol and take it at night so they can experience a peaceful sleep.

topaz gemstone history

Large block of topaz and a small sample of irradiated topaz placed at the Smithsonian Museum of History (Image credits)

The Greeks and Romans associated the stone with the Sun god because of its orange-yellow hues. The Greeks in ancient times also firmly believed that the stone makes you turn invisible if it met certain conditions.

The Hindus of the earlier times thought that the stone will fill the wearer with infinite wisdom and help them live a longer and more prosperous life.

African Shamans also treated the stone as a sacred object of worship because of its associations with the sun.

The Imperial Topaz, which is the most expensive and valuable variant of the stone in a reddish-orange hue, was named after the Russian Czar. Because of this, only the royals were allowed to own this variation of topaz.

It is most commonly produced in India, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, USA, and Australia.

Topaz Characteristics

Amongst all the existing silicate minerals, the topaz is the hardest. It is part of the fluoro-hydroxy silicate family.

In spite of the commonly known yellow variety, topaz is mostly colorless. When impurities are introduced inside the gemstone, it gains some color, which is mostly yellow or amber.

Blue topaz very rarely occurs naturally. Even so, topaz can be color-treated to become blue, which is what we commonly find in the market. The most valuable topaz is the Imperial Topaz of a reddish orange shade.

topaz gemstone colours, topaz characterisitics

Imperial topaz from Brazil – the most valuable form of topaz gemstone (Image credits)

Overall  topaz is a very affordable gemstone and can easily be bought and worn by the common public.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, topaz is an 8.

Caring for Topaz

The best way to clean a topaz crystal is by soaking it in warm, soapy water for 5-10 minutes, rubbing it wish a soft-bristled toothbrush and then drying it with a lint-free cloth.

In spite of its hardness, you should avoid using chemical-based heavy detergents, ultrasonic, and steam cleaners to clean topaz crystals.

Also remember that topaz can be scratched by harder substances and chipped so you must be careful when wearing and storing it.

November Birthstone – Citrine

citrine birthstone, november birthstone

Citrine stones from Brazil (Image credits)

Citrine Meaning and Powers

Citrine is a French word which literally translates to lemon.

This stone was given this name because of the characteristic lemon-shaped jewels it was known for, and because it comes in a lemon-yellow color as well.

It is a stone that rejuvenates the wearer and helps him or her to be energetic. Citrine also helps you in attaining wealth and abundance.

The stone also symbolizes the success and achievements of the one who wears them. So it is a perfect gift to give when congratulating someone for achieving a milestone.

Citrine is associated with soothing emotions and making the wearer much more mellow-tempered than he or she would’ve been otherwise.

Artistic people also benefit greatly from this stone becomes it is said to make you more imaginative and creative.

History of Citrine

Because of the gold and yellow hues of the citrine stone, it was often stated in the earlier days that it came to Earth as a gift from the Sun.

People in those days also believed that the stone was a potent cure for snake venom. People commonly ornamented themselves with it because they thought it protected them from evil thoughts as well.

Ever since it was discovered, citrine was often confused with topaz because of the similar hues that both the stones shared.

Only in 18th century was this confusion cleared and citrine achieved an identity of its own which was different from topaz, based on both their mineral structures.

The largest producer of Citrine nowadays is Brazil.

Citrine Characteristics

Citrine is formed when traces of iron find their way inside quartz crystals, producing that characteristic orange-yellow hue.

The color of citrine often ranges from pale yellow to dark brown or orange.

Gemstone Citrine characteristics, history, meaning and powers

Citrine gemstone crystals (Image credits)

Citrine is not a very expensive gemstone and is easily affordable by everyone.

Citrine usually exists in the form of large gemstones that are fit for pendants. They rarely occur in a smaller size.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, citrine scores about a 7. This makes it sufficiently hard for jewelry and makes it a fairly durable stone.

Caring for Citrine

The best way to clean a citrine crystal is also with warm, soapy water and a soft toothbrush. Soak the jewelry in the water for a couple of minutes, take it out, rub with the brush, rinse and pat it dry.

Ultrasonic cleaning is safe for all citrine crystals except those that have filled fractures. Steam cleaning and strong detergents are to be avoided. Citrine can be scratched and chipped so it is best to be careful when wearing it.