birthstone for march - aquamarine

Aquamarine – The Birthstone For March (Credits)

The birthstone for March is the brilliant aquamarine. The word Aquamarine is derived from Latin where it means seawater. We can see how aquamarine got its name from as the stone is a brilliant blue that mimics the ocean. If you were born in March or know any March born boys and girls, you can give them a large number of aquamarine gifts. It is a sentiment like no other!

March Birthstone – Aquamarine Meaning and Powers

The word aquamarine itself carries your spirit towards the ocean and its mysteries. This was apparently true for our ancestors as well, specifically the kind of ancestors that believed in Mermaids! It is said that aquamarine originated from a mermaid’s treasure chest and it, therefore, carries the essence of the sea.

There are not many stones that are said to be as powerful and therapeutic as the aquamarine. Aquamarine is said to be great for a range of physical, mental, and spiritual weaknesses and it also is said to have mystical powers that grant us happiness.

People who are born under the aquamarine birthstone are said to be deeply philosophical. They are also very creative and thrive in the arts. This is probably why in folklore, it is often said that aquamarine is great for sharpening the intellect and inducing creativity.

Aquamarine is also said to be a great cure for procrastination, so all you lazy students out there best be making some aquamarine jewelry now!

Another age-old tradition that has been carried forward by aquamarine is the powers it imparts to water once it is immersed in it. When submerged in water, aquamarine is said to enhance the benefits of water by making it great for maintaining electrolyte balance.

Drinking this aquamarine water is also said to enhance stomach, liver, throat, and jaw health.

Aquamarine-water is also said to be great for the eyes. This only works if you wash your eyes with the water and not drink it.

Other things the aquamarine stone is famous for is enhancing youth and inducing happiness.
It is also said to bring lovers close and bring goodwill in the heart of enemies.

See voyagers wear this stone to protect themselves from the wrath of God Neptune on their journeys.

It is also said to make soldiers invincible.

Aquamarine crystal balls are said to be great for telling the fortune as well.

Aquamarine History

Aquamarine has been a well-revered and highly used stone for thousands of years now.
It is said that the stone first gained relevance in the 2nd century BC. The stone was first used for improving the health of the eyes only by washing them with aquamarine water.

Egyptians were the people who are said to first start respecting the stone as a source of great power. It is believed that the early Egyptians thought that the aquamarine stone brought happiness and youthfulness to whoever wore them. Perhaps this is the reason that sites of burials and tombs were often adorned with this stone in the Egyptian Civilization.

The Romans are the other early discoverers of aquamarine. They found the benefits the stone lends to water when it is immersed in it. Early Romans mostly used the stone as a form of therapy for curing liver and stomach illness and fixing dehydration.

Later, the Romans began to use the stone for safe voyages across the oceans. The fishermen from Rome were the first people who labeled it aquamarine.

Pliny from the Roman civilization was the one who attributed aquamarine to being a treasure from the mermaids. It is said that he was so taken aback by the oceanic beauty of the stone that he found no other explanation.

Other civilizations, like the Greeks, began to romanticize the stone and said that it worked wonders for bringing lovers together. The Greeks also stated that the stone helped resolve marital affairs. Other than all this, the Greeks commonly used the stone in their art.

Fast-forward to 14th century England, William Langland suggested that the stone is a potent antidote for poisoning.
The largest aquamarine stone to ever be mined was found in Brazil in 1910, and it weighed more than 200 pounds!

Today, the best quality and quantity of aquamarine is found in Brazil. Other countries like Pakistan, India, and Nigeria also have good-quality aquamarine for mining.

Aquamarine Characteristics

Aquamarine is a type of beryl. Beryl is said to be a mineral composed of beryllium and aluminum and has a blue-green coloration. Another very famous beryl we find is quite common is emerald.

In the earlier days, the aquamarine stone with deeper green hues was very popular. Later, they found that the green aquamarine is much easier to find than bluer aquamarine because of the impurities found in the green variety. So nowadays, the bluer an aquamarine stone is, the more valuable it is.

Spiritually speaking, the aquamarine stone helps to balance the heart and throat chakras. This is why meditation enthusiasts revere it.

For this reason, aquamarine these days is heat-treated so it can attain a deeper blue color and be more valuable. Even so, all aquamarine stone have some hint of green in them, hardly any is perfectly blue.

This can also be explained by a phenomenon called the pleochroic effect, which is something the aquamarine stone undergoes. A pleochroic effect occurs when a gem appears to be different colors when viewed from different angles. In the case of aquamarine, it can be blue, green, or colorless.

The most common shape of an aquamarine stone is the emerald shape. Other common cuts also exist, among which the most popular is an oval cut.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, an aquamarine stone ranges from about 7.5-8, which makes it perfect for everyday wear without being significantly damaged.

How to clean aquamarine jewelry

It is very important to clean your aquamarine jewelry from time to time, so it does not lose its luster or become grimy.

The best method to wash aquamarine is simply with a gentle soap and warm water, and a light abrasive like a soft toothbrush.

Please avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, strong detergents, and hard abrasives. This will damage your jewelry and make the gem lose its shine and value.