june birthstone meaning, powers, history and symbolism

June babies are lucky because they have three mystical and fantastic birthstones associated with their birth month. All three stones have wonderful symbolism associated with them, along with mystical qualities and a rich history. So if you are a June baby, investing in Alexandrite, Pearl or Moonstone jewelry will only bring good fortune!

June Birthstones Meaning and Powers


alexandrite history, meaning and powers

Alexandrite Stone (Image source )

Alexandrite is a beautiful, color-changing stone which is often mistaken for emerald because of its deep green color in strong daylight.

It is most often associated with improving psychic abilities and sharpening your intuition.

Other than that, alexandrite very often proves to be a good omen and makes you lucky. It is also associated with increasing your concentration span and making you focus better on the tasks at hand. Because of this, it is a great stone to wear when you are in the process of learning something.

Alexandrite is an unusual and unique stone, which is why it is often associated with making you creative and imaginative.

It also brings peace to the soul by stabilizing your emotions and inducing wisdom.

Physically, Alexandrite improves the wearer’s blood circulation and heart health.


Pearls are most commonly seen as perfectly spherical, milky-white jewels with a reflective luster.

Because of their milky-white appearance, pearls symbolize purity and innocence. This is why it is a tradition for brides to wear pearl ornaments on their wedding day.

Pearls also signify romance and are often gifted by rich, influential men to their lovers and mistresses.

In another sense, pearls are also known for symbolizing the wisdom of a person and for protecting them from harm and evil.

Pearls are also known to strengthen the bond of friendship between people and help them trust and support each other.

Wealth and power are also commonly associated with pearls. An example of this is European Aristocrats who commonly wore pearls to elaborate their influence on people.

They are also given as a blessing for a long life.

Pearls have been used to prepare Chinese medicine for hundreds of years now.

Health-wise, pearls are said to be great for issues of the heart and the digestive system.


Moonstone meaning, powers, history and symbolism

Tumbled moonstone found in India (Picture credits)

The third birthstone for the month of June is Moonstone. Moonstone may be the least valuable of the three, but its historical symbolism and significance must not be under-estimated.

Moonstone has been used to signify victory in the trials of life. It is also known for making the wearer wise.

It is also said to grant overall good health to the wearer.

Moonstones bring good fortune to the wearer. So wearing it in times of anxiety or when at a crossroads in life is always a good idea.

Moonstones make you very calm and stable. They soothe your emotions and bring peace to your disorganized life.

Females wearing moonstone have their pregnancy and childbirth eased. Even women who aren’t pregnant find it easier to control their emotions and become stable when wearing this stone.

The moonstone is said to restore love and trust in lovers who have strayed away from each other. It is a great stone to gift to your lover in times of misunderstanding and trial.

Moonstones are said to protect travelers of the night. They are also said to be beneficial for people who have nightmares, are said to sleepwalk, and insomniacs.

Physically and health-wise, moonstones are said to balance the hormones in our body and optimize the function of our digestive system. It is also good for people suffering from diabetes and skin conditions.

June Birthstones History

Alexandrite History

Alexandrite was named after Emperor Alexander of Russia. This is because Alexandrite was discovered during his reign. It was first discovered in the Emerald mines of Imperial Russia.

Alexandrite birthstone history

Alexandrite is named after Alexander The Great (Image credits)

At first, it was mistaken for an emerald because of its deep green color. Only when it changed color in artificial lighting did people realize that it was a different stone altogether.

Because of its colors, green and red, it became the official stone for Russia’s stardom.

Alexandrite is now found in a number of countries including Brazil, Sri Lanka, and East Africa. It is quite a rare stone and there are not too many stores of this gem.

Pearl History

The word Pearl comes from the French word for the jewel: Perle.  The oldest known pearl jewelry was found dated back to 520 BC.

The Greeks used to believe that pearls were tears of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love that had frozen on Earth.

Sir Francis Bacon, a famous philosopher, is said to eat a paste of ground pearls and lemon juice to keep his body in perfect condition.

The Japanese used to believe that pearls were made of tears from mermaids and nymphs. This is why they are found in the ocean.

pearl birthstone history

Seven Standing Figures Holding Strings of Jewelry or Pearls (Image credits)

The early Chinese civilizations believed that pearls were found in the mouths of dragons and that to obtain pearls, you had to defeat a dragon and take the jewel from between its teeth.

The Hindus believed that pearls were dewdrops that had fallen from the moon. They believed that the God Krishna found pearls on the ground and picked them up for his daughter’s wedding.

Egyptians used to be buried with pearls, along with other jewels on their side.

The Europeans were especially taken with pearls. They wore lots of pearl jewelry and it can be seen in the portraits they have preserved of their times.

The best pearls come from Mexico, Japan, Pacific Islands, and Sri Lanka.

Moonstone History

moonstone history

Roman Philsopher Pliny associated moonstone with phases of the moon (Image source)

The moonstone is very aptly named so because it is always associated with the moon in some way or the other.

The Romans associated the moonstone with moonbeams because of the way light plays on the surface of the stone. They believed that the Goddess of the moon, Diana, used to reside in the moonstone.

Pliny the Roman philosopher suggested that the appearance of the moonstone shifted with the phases of the moon.

Hindus believed that Moonstone was crystallized moonlight. They said that moonstones bring good dreams to the wearer and cure insomnia.

The best moonstone is found in Sri Lanka. Other than that, it is found in India, Australia, USA, and Myanmar.

June Birthstone Characteristics

Alexandrite Characteristics

Alexandrite is part of the chrysoberyl family, which is a rare variant of the beryl family.

Alexandrite is the most expensive out of the three stones of June. A good quality Alexandrite is often more expensive than even diamonds. Because of their rarity, they are usually not bought by the general public.

alexandrite features, hardness and cleaning

Alexandrite crystal (Image Source)

It is a color changing stone. In broad daylight, the stone is emerald green, with hints of blue or brown. In artificial light, alexandrite becomes reddish-purple.

It is being grown in labs as well since the 1960s.

An Alexandrite stone is about 8.5 on Mohs scale of hardness.

How to Clean Alexandrite Jewelry

Alexandrite jewelry can easily be washed with soap, warm water, and a washcloth. Ultrasonic and steam cleaning is usually safe for alexandrite jewelry as well unless it is fracture-filled.

Pearl Characteristics

Pearls occur as a result of biological processes that take place inside clams and oysters. This happens when irritants like sand make their way inside the shells of these mollusks, and they begin coating the impurity with layers of the shiny substance nacre. The nacre is what gives pearls their shiny surface.

Pearls are composed of Calcium carbonate.

pearl birthstone chemical formation and charactersitcs

Pearls are actually calcium carbonate crystals (image credits)

Not all pearls exist as perfect spheres. Some pearls don’t even have the shiny surface they are so well known for. These pearls can be smoothened in workshops, though.

The color of pearls ranges from milky white to silver, gray, pink, golden, blue, and even black.

On the Mohs scale of Hardness, a pearl is 2.5-4.5. It is very soft and can easily dissolve in the mildest of acids if left long enough. For this reason, pearl jewelry must be kept very carefully.

How to Clean Pearl Jewelry

The best way to wash pearls is with mild soap and a washcloth.

Even soaking the jewel in warm water can cause it damage.

Do not use chemical cleaners and ultrasonic or steam cleaning on pearl jewelry either.

Moonstone Characteristics

Moonstone is a type of naturally occurring Feldspar.

Moonstone is the cheapest of the three birthstones of June. This does not mean that moonstone is inferior in any aspect though!

Moonstone commonly occurs in peach, blue, green, and champagne colors.

moonstone characteristics and cleaning

Rainbow moonstone (Image source)

The lighting phenomenon of the moonstone that earned it its name occurs because of the way feldspar is stacked in a moonstone.

On the Mohs scale, moonstone is a 6, which makes it quite soft and easy to damage.

How to Clean Moonstone Jewelry

The best way to clean moonstone jewelry is with warm water and mild soap or mild dish detergent.

Soaking the stone does not damage it.

Ultrasonic and steam cleaning can prove to be particularly harmful to the stone, though.