july birthstone ruby history, meaning, and powers

The birthstone for July is the powerful and invaluable Ruby.

Since rubies are extremely valuable and very precious gemstones, giving your July-born friend some rubies for their birthday is an exceptionally kind sentiment. Alternatively, you can get yourself some impeccable ruby jewelry as well and take advantage of all the powers it will bestow upon you.

July Birthstone – Ruby Meaning and Powers

The glowing red rubies are commonly known as the King of all gems. This is because they are extremely beautiful, rare, and valuable.

The word ruby is derived from the Greek word “Rubeus” which means red. So we can see it is aptly named because rubies exist only in the color red.

Rubies have extraordinary mystical powers that they grant to the wearer. One of them is that it gives courage to whoever is wearing it so they may face their challenges head-on and succeed with their head held high.

They also signify sexuality, passion, and romance. So if you are planning to gift rubies to someone you are passionately involved with then you are making a great decision.

Rubies also signify heat because of their fiery glow.

It is still commonly believed that rubies darken their shade when they are warning the wearer of danger that lurks nearby.

It is also believed that rubies help inspire you to get rid of creative blocks. They also help you move on with life if you are at a standstill position and are unsure of how to grow. So it is a very useful gem for artists, musicians, and other creative people who have met a roadblock in their lives.

People who wear rubies tend to achieve their goals successfully and become wealthy as well. This is also symbolized by the fact that rubies are rare and extremely valuable.

Rubies signify the heart energy center when it comes to the chakra energy channels in our bodies. Thus, it is said to keep our hearts healthy.

Other than that, rubies are also said to stimulate the pineal gland and help regulate our blood circulation .

History of Ruby

There was a time when it was believed that rubies were drops of blood from Mother Earth that had solidified. It was believed that they contained the essence of life encased in their glowing centers. This could perhaps be related to the mystery of the philosopher’s stone, but we may never know the truth.

Since rubies and sapphires are variations of the same mineral, it was also once believed that rubies were sapphires that had matured. For this reason, people often buried their sapphires underground, in the hopes that they would turn into rubies someday.

People in the earlier days also used to believe that the glow of the ruby was because there was an everlasting flame at the heart of the jewel. According to them, that was also the reason for its fiery appearance.

ruby birthstone jewelry

Ruby is widely used in jewelry

Many people also used to believe that rubies changed their color to foretell the news of incoming happiness or grief.

The Hindus of olden days used to offer rubies to their gods. They believed that the fire inside the rubies glowed so hot that it could boil water.

The people of Burma used to believe that rubies would make them invincible. For this reason, many Burmese people had embedded the jewel inside their skin.

Rubies were traded along the North Silk Road in China as well. It was so valued in China that noblemen often attached them to their armors for protection against defeat. 

The very first working lasers were made using the glow of the ruby in the 1960s.

The rarest rubies in the world were said to come from the Mogok Valley in Burma. The rubies in this Valley were so deep and so red that they were called Pigeon’s Blood Rubies.

Ruby Characteristics

Rubies are a type of corundum, a mineral. This is also the mineral that makes sapphire. The red colored corundum is ruby and all other colors of the corundum are sapphire.

Rubies are very expensive. This is because they are very hard and very rare. There are very few mines of rubies all over the world. Some rubies, if they are cut perfectly and are colored well, are even more expensive than diamonds.

The color of the ruby ranges from a deep, crimson red to a paler, rose red. The most expensive and the best rubies are the deepest shade of crimson.

ruby stone colours and characterisitics

Different colors of Ruby (Image credits)

Rubies can be cloudy (opaque) and transparent. A deep, transparent ruby is the best quality of ruby we can find.

To achieve the depth of color, many rubies are also heat-treated. The heat darkens their color and makes them look more valuable.

Rubies have a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, which makes it the second hardest stone, just below diamond.

Rubies can be evaluated for their value by using the 4Cs – cut, clarity, color, and carat; the same method we use for diamonds. Only a professional jeweler can determine the value of a ruby this way, though.

How to Care for Rubies

Rubies can easily be cleaned using mild soap and warm water. To remove grime you can also use a brush with soft bristles.

To get rid of more stubborn stains, you can use detergents or jewelry cleaners because the rubies are very resistant to damage by chemicals.

Ultrasonic cleaning and steam cleaning are also viable options for rubies.

Keep in mind though, that rubies can chip and lose their shape if not treated with care. So keep them with love!