august birthstones sardonyx and peridot

August is one of those few months of the year that have multiple birthstones. There are two birthstones that August has been bestowed with: Sardonyx and Peridot. Both stones are beautiful and quite valuable. They boast of mystical powers which they bless the wearer with as well. Buying Sardonyx and Peridot jewelry for yourself or a loved one who is an August baby will be a lovely sentiment and a great idea.


Let us start with the quaint little sardonyx. It is not very well known, neither is it too expensive, but it is no less magnificent than any other birthstone!

Sardonyx Birthstone Meaning and Powers

sardonyx birthstone meaning, characteristics, powers and history

The word sardonyx is derived from the words Sard, which means reddish brown, and onyx, which means veined (having features like the veins that carry blood in the human body) gem. So the name is quite explanatory when it comes to making us visualize this stone.

It is said to guard the wearer against all evil. The stone also brings good fortune to whoever wears it.

Many people nowadays also believe that sardonyx bestows bravery to the user and helps him or her face challenges head-on, without any worries.

Since a long time now, sardonyx is also being used by debaters and public speakers to grant them eloquence and clarity in their speech. So if you are planning to speak in front of a crowd at some point, it may be a great idea to buy some sardonyx for yourself as well.

It is also associated with happiness. Wearing sardonyx or keeping it in your home is said to bring about joy in one’s life. Because of this, the stone also symbolizes comfort. It is also said to bring optimism to the wearer’s mindset.

Sardonyx is also said to bring stability in relationships like marriage. It makes these relations stronger as well, so gifting it to your significant other might be quite the amazing idea. This also makes sardonyx jewelry a great option as a gift for valentine’s day, anniversary or a birthday.

The stone is said to heal the base chakra which is what lays the foundation of our life and well-being. So wearing this stone will give you direction and make you strong from the roots.

Sardonyx History

Sardonyx is a stone that has been around and significant since the second dynasty of Egypt, which was existent around four millennia ago.

The Greeks and Romans used to believe that the stone protected them from their enemies. This is why the stone was commonly worn to battle in those times.

sardonyx ancient history

The “Grand Camée de France” (Great cameo of France)

Often times, they used to carve figures of powerful figures from their time into the surface of the stone. The reason for this was that they believed they would become as strong as the figure carved on the stone.

Sardonyx is a relatively inexpensive stone. It was also available pretty much everywhere. This is why, even in those times, wealthy and poor people alike wore jewelry made of this stone.

Romans also used to make seals and signets for official documents out of this stone. This is because wax did not stick to the stone, and it could be used over and over again.

Sardonyx is also a stone mentioned in the Bible as one of the stones of the High priest.

It is easily available in Uruguay, India, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, and the USA

Sardonyx Characteristics

Sardonyx is a type of the mineral chalcedony. This mineral has small layers of quartz that are stacked on top of each other, this creates the pattern we see on the sardonyx stone.

Sardonyx ranges from yellowish red to reddish brown in color.

This stone is very inexpensive and all kinds of ornaments can be made from it at an affordable price.

It is also available everywhere, still.

It can be translucent or opaque. It remains the same in value in both ways.

Sardonyx is a 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which makes it quite soft and easy to scratch.

Caring for Sardonyx Jewelry

Sardonyx can easily be cleaned using warm, soapy water and a washcloth or a soft-bristled brush for a more vigorous rub.

It can also be cleaned by ultrasonic or steam methods, provided that there are no filled fractures.

The stone can easily be scratched by harder gems, so make sure you keep it carefully.


The second birthstone for August is peridot. Peridot is a beautiful gem that has been more recently added to the list of August birthstones.

Peridot birthstone – Meaning and Powers

There is no clear explanation as to how peridot got its name, but many historians seem to believe that the origins are Arabic.

Peridot is said to have potent magical powers that grant you strength and heal you from the core.

It is also widely believed that wearing this stone wards off nightmares and helps you achieve a full night’s sleep without being disturbed.

peridot birthstone meaning, powers, history and characteristics

Green Peridot Gemstone (Image credit)

Wearing this stone is said to grant the wearer lots of influence over others. So it is a brilliant jewel to own if you are planning to lead a group of people, or wish for your friends and family to listen to you.

Peridot is also said to keep evil spirits away from you and protect you from their influence.

Wearing peridot jewelry can protect you from feeling anxious. It is not a cure for clinical anxiety but it can help control the symptoms to a large extent.

Peridot is also said to keep the liver and the gallbladder healthy.

Peridot History

The stone has been around since 2000 BC and its origins are traced back to ancient Egypt.

Historians have suggested that many people believed peridot was a gift to the people of the world from mother nature. It was given to the people for the annual celebration of the creation of the world.

Peridot is also said to be the symbol of the sun, perhaps because of its bright shine.

The Greeks used to believe that peridot brought about royal dignity, and it was therefore only worn by royals and people of exceptional influence.

peridot jewelry use in history

Peridot was used in jewelry by ancient Romans, Greeks and Ottomans (Image credits)

Peridot was also greatly prized and revered by the people of the Ottoman Empire.

In Hawaii, peridot was said to be made from the tears of Pelle, the Goddess of the lava of the volcanoes.

Many people in the early days also confused some deeper shades of peridot with emeralds. Some people also believe that Cleopatra herself mistook some peridots for the emeralds she prized so much.

This stone is commonly mined in China, Myanmar, and Pakistan. The most exceptional quality of peridot is found in Arizona, USA.

Peridot Characteristics

Peridot is a type of the mineral olivine, which is a magnesium, iron, and silicate mineral. Olivine itself is a very commonly occurring mineral but peridot is a rare variation of it.

Peridot is mostly a bright lime green in color, and the brighter it is, the more beautiful it is. Sometimes, peridot has a tinge of olive or brown in it, possibly due to the high iron content.

There are lots of reserves for small stones of peridot, which is why it is a very affordable gem. Larger stones are rare and therefore much more expensive.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, peridot ranges from 6.5-7, making it just hard enough for jewelry.

Caring for Peridot Jewelry

Peridot is a very delicate stone and so it should always be cleaned with mild, warm, soapy water.

Do not subject the gem to extreme temperature changes and do not perform steam or ultrasonic cleaning on it.

It can also be easily scratched and chipped to handle it with the utmost care.