birthstone for april - diamond

April has been blessed with the rare and majestic diamond as its birthstone.

Diamonds have been revered far and wide since thousands of years now and they still hold very significant value today.

If you are born in April then investing in some diamond jewelry for yourself will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Similarly, gifting diamond ornaments to April born people you are close to is a lovely sentiment which they will always cherish.

April Birthstone – Diamond Meaning and Powers

It is no secret that the diamond is an extremely valuable gem, and so it is no surprise that it is known as the King of all birthstones. So if you were born under this precious crystal, you are akin to birthstone royalty!

Because of how truly valuable a diamond is, it is known to symbolize wealth. Diamond jewelry was worn by the most influential and wealthy people back in the day and that still rings true today. The more diamonds a person owns, the better you can measure their wealth.

Despite it being so valuable, wealth is not the only thing a diamond symbolizes. Diamonds also signify success in relationships. It is common knowledge that men have been gifting women ornaments of diamonds to strengthen their bond and show commitment.

Diamonds are known to steer businesses to success, which is why many successful businessmen choose to invest large sums of their fortunes in diamonds. And investing money in diamonds is something only elite-class people and high-end business people tend to do.

Many people also believe that wearing diamonds brings mental clarity to the wearer. Healers often ask people who have problems in thinking straight and making decisions to wear diamond jewelry.

Spiritually speaking, diamonds are also great for bringing balance to our physical, mental, and spiritual selves. It does this by helping us balance all the chakra networks in our bodies and harmonizing the energy that flows through our bodies.

Diamonds are also known to cure poisoning. Many folks believe that heated diamonds have the energy to attract toxins from the body and other nearby items.

In many cultures, people have believed that diamonds give strength and courage to the wearer and make them invincible. People have also believed that diamonds tend to repel defeat. This is why diamonds were commonly worn by soldiers in battle in many cultures.

They also protect from negative supernatural forces like the devil and phantoms.

In some places, diamonds are also said to inspire creativity in the wearer.

History of Diamond

The word Diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, which means unbreakable, or strong.

Diamonds have been significant in the world for thousands of years now. In fact, the oldest texts that have mentioned diamonds to be valuable are Sanskrit texts from around 400 BC. So we know for sure that they have been significant since way before their rarity and true value was measured.

Hindus even thought that diamonds were made when lightning bolts crystallized. This made Hindus believe that diamonds contained mystical powers and they began to revere the gem even more.

The Greeks, at first, used to believe that diamonds were tears of God that fell on Earth and crystallized. This was one of the main reasons why they assigned so much value to the diamonds.

They also associated the diamond with love. They believe that the intense pressure and heat that is used to create a diamond symbolize an intense passion and desire for your significant desire. This is why it became commonplace to gift diamonds to your lovers in the times of the ancient Greeks.

Romans, on the other hand, believed that diamonds were splinters from shooting stars that fell on Earth. They also believed that Cupid’s arrows were also diamond-tipped.

It has been found out that diamonds were being cut and shaped into gems in Venice in the 1300s. The trading of diamond flourished in the 15th century after which it gained much more value than it used to.

Diamond rings became a common symbol of commitment when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with one as a symbol of his love.

The largest diamond to date is the Cullinan diamond and it was found in Africa.

Diamonds are still very valuable today and their historical background makes them ever-relevant.

Diamond Characteristics

Diamonds are clear and mostly transparent gems. It can be said that they are optically isotropic.

They are created when common carbon gems undergo tons of pressure over a number of years.

Though we know the silvery-white diamond to be the most common, diamonds come in a large number of color. This includes shades of pinks, blues, yellows, reds, and even browns. Naturally occurring colored diamonds are quite rare, which is why they are more valuable.

Because colored diamonds are so valuable, laboratories nowadays color treat diamonds as well, to increase their value.

Most naturally-occurring diamonds are cloudy. The clearer a diamond, the more valuable it is considered.

Diamonds are the hardest stones in the world and on the Mohs scale of hardness, they are a 10.

The countries where diamonds are most commonly found are nations in Africa, USA, Canada, and Russia.

They are also commonly found in meteorites that fall on Earth.

When it comes to cutting a diamond, it is commonly believed that only a diamond-edged blade can cut a diamond.

The value of a diamond crystal can be determined by a jeweler using the 4 Cs – Cut, clarity, carat, and color.

Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

Caring for diamonds is necessary; they are not invincible to damage even if they are very enduring.

First of all, do not let a diamond gem touch the oils on your skin because they will dull the shine of a diamond.

Diamonds can also easily get scratched when treated roughly, but they can be polished to regain their shine.

Even if other hard substances cannot cut a diamond, they can chip the stone, so it is best that you handle it with care.

Keep diamonds away from other jewels because they can damage the other gems and metals.

Do not clean a diamond with harsh, chemical cleaners. Do not bring diamonds near harsh chemicals, if possible.

Only clean the diamond jewel with a soft toothbrush, soap, and water.